Candice & co

Discover CANDICE & co: our plain cotton flannel and matching patterns that will bring warmth to your home.

CANDICE toutes les couleurs

Cotton flannel, your ally against the cold

If you’re a chilly person, a fan of layering to combat the cold (we call it theonion technique), or a fan of hot tea to warm you from the inside out (NB : a word of advice : avoid before going to bed…), our CANDICE cotton flannel collection is the ideal solution. Combine comfort and style for cozy nights.

Candice camel, flanelle de coton

Natural softness

At L’effet papillon, we prefer natural materials like cotton. For example, our flannel, woven at 170 gr/m², offers fine, lightweight bed linen, ensuring warmth and resistance. Its soft touch is obtained by a scraping process, offering an incomparable sleep experience.

Our cotton flannel is the perfect marriage of warmth and softness, ideal for comfortable nights.

Cotton flannel, synonymous with a cosy bed

This delicate fabric is also found in the bedroom. With so much softness, sleep is guaranteed… Duvet cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcase and bolster for a soft bed… You’ll have a hard time getting up when the alarm goes off !

In our CANDICE collection, you’ll find plain cotton flannel in 8 timeless colors (but be careful, this doesn’t mean “old-fashioned”, it means they’ll stand the test of time).

FELIX, our printed flannel, transports you to the wilderness with its plaid pattern. Pair it with solid colors for perfect harmony.

Personalize your experience with FELIX fabric by the meter, ideal for designers, seamstresses and artists.

FELIX Minuit, tissu en flanelle de coton
FELIX Sable, tissu en flanelle de coton

How do you take care of it ?

Although natural, cotton flannel requires special care to preserve its softness and avoid pilling. Discover our care techniques here.

The little extra

Like cotton gauze, our cotton flannel collection offers a multi-purpose pouch as packaging for duvet covers. Practical and ecological, it can replace the gift paper, especially during the winter period (hello Santa !).

But also, it will serve as a bag for disorder, dirty laundry, toys… In short, everything you want to carry !

CANDICE Camel et son pochon

In conclusion, cotton flannel is cool for sleeping and convenient thanks to its packaging !

So, quickly, go to the store !