Who are we ?

LEP - Devenir partenaire, devenir un petit papillon

We are a small – and very recent – Roanne responsible household linen company : Actome®, born in 2020 after a long experience of more than 10 years in conventional household linen, where quality has given way to sacrificed prices and where overpackaging reigned supreme.

We took advantage of our past experience to review our copy and participate concretely in a new mode of consumption that is healthier, more responsible, more in line with our personal and professional convictions.

It is therefore quite natural that we created the brand L’effet papillon®, a brand with a strong symbolism : that every small gesture can have repercussions on a large scale. Because we are deeply convinced that it is high time to change the way we consume, without forgetting decoration trends and the pleasure of buying beautiful pieces without draining consumers’ budgets.

To make this possible, we call on partners…

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To become partner

LEP - Devenir partenaire

Are you driven by a deep desire to align your personal and professional convictions with your daily actions ? Does your vision encompass a significant transformation in consumption patterns, oriented towards a healthier future for us and our planet ? If so, it would be a pleasure to become a partner !

Do you like our products, do you agree with our values ? So, let’s join forces to rewrite, together, the rules of the game. Because the more, the more we beautify the environment.

Let’s form a dynamic team, let our ideas fly high like a swarm of butterflies in order to offer household linen combining quality, trend and accessibility. But also and above all, taking into account that it is time to act for our precious planet.

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And at your home ?

Are our little butterflies taking up residence in your home ? Let us know ! @leffetpapillonroanne

Our post-it

Published on 13 June 2023

Amélie’s post-it

The maintenance of washed linen is very important to take care of it!

Published on 13 June 2023

The Storytime of Océ!

Océane perfects its storytime on the bamboo satin for our greatest pleasure!