Salomé & co

Would you like to rediscover the exquisite sensation of curling up in fresh, silky sheets, like in a hotel, but at home ? So let yourself be seduced by our 5-star bamboo satin linen called SALOMÉ.

The softness of bamboo satin

SALOMÉ, zoom

Imagine for a moment a collection of bed linen made from bamboo viscose, also known as bamboo satin, carefully woven at 120 threads/cm². The result ? A deliciously satiny feel, a smooth and light texture, reminiscent of the incomparable softness of silk. This is exactly what SALOMÉ bamboo satin has in store for you.

A luxury setting in your room

More traditional in appearance, SALOMÉ bed linen is not out of date !

On the contrary, it perfectly embodies timeless elegance, refined chic and absolute luxury. With a choice of 6 colors – Dark grey, Midnight blue, Pampa, White, Light blue and Black – our collection offers a complete range : pillowcases, bolster cases, fitted sheets and duvet covers. Opt for a 100% bamboo satin bed for an ambiance worthy of a palace or take a more subtle approach by adding a few pieces to your bedding for a touch of elegance.

SALOMÉ, le satin de bambou pampa
SALOMÉ, le satin de bambou minuit
SALOMÉ, le satin de bambou granit
SALOMÉ, le satin de bambou chantilly
SALOMÉ, le satin de bambou truffe
SALOMÉ, le satin de bambou eucalyptus

Bamboo satin, the advantages of silk, without the disadvantages

This is a message to lovers of the square, impeccable and polished bed : if you are tired of seeing our GAÏA & co and its wrinkled appearance everywhere (after all, you have the right to prefer immaculate sheets worthy of a sea of ​​oil), you are in the right place ! Like silk, SALOMÉ and its bamboo satin will bring sophistication and refinement to your bedroom.

And a little precision, smooth does not mean slippery ! It won’t be because of our bamboo satin if you fall out of bed…

But SALOMÉ doesn’t have to be ashamed of silk ! On the contrary, its luxurious appearance is not the only thing in common with it : our bamboo satin bed linen is breathable and not low-absorbent. Sleep soundly, SALOMÉ will take care of your skin and your hair while you sleep : no frizz or irritation. Added to this, the restful sleep that SALOMÉ provides, you will have understood, when you wake up, you will be fresh/fresh as a roach/like the morning dew !

And the pompom on the Garonne : this bed linen is robust and therefore durable !

SALOMÉ Eucalyptus, satin de bambou

Easy maintenance for ongoing satisfaction

Even if you would think so, our bamboo satin collection does not have all the advantages of overnight stays in a hotel ! And no, it will be up to you to maintain it well… Too bad ! But fortunately, SALOMÉ is easy to maintain : washing at 40°C, ironing at low temperature and possibility of moderate tumble drying. But we say it and we repeat it, our SALOMÉ also dries very well in the open air, like our other collections and above all, the planet thanks you !

With SALOMÉ, luxury is combined with simplicity and practicality.

SALOMÉ Truffe, zip

And of course, minimalist packaging

SALOMÉ aligns perfectly with our fundamental commitment to environmental sustainability, actively promoting the use of sustainable and recyclable packaging, in line with our policy of reducing the ecological footprint. So, all the products are in bamboo satin pouches (perfect as an extra bag 😉) and a kraft tag, 100% recycled and recyclable.

SALOMÉ Pampa, satin de bambou avec pochon
SALOMÉ Minuit, satin de bambou avec pochon
SALOMÉ Chantilly, satin de bambou avec pochon

With SALOMÉ bamboo satin, create an atmosphere worthy of a luxury hotel in your bedroom. Discover absolute comfort, incomparable softness and timeless elegance now with SALOMÉ.