Kala & co

Discover Kala & Co, our cotton bachette collection that is sure to please.

KALA, collection en coton bachette

Bachette cotton, kesako ?

Made from 100% cotton, a natural fiber, bachette cotton fabrics are rather thick and rigid fabrics. Bachette cotton is sturdy and durable. It is therefore an unrivaled ally for furnishing your home.

KALA Zoom coton bachette

Bachette cotton, where ?

So practical, that it can be found in 3 poles in the house :

¤ At the windows

Indeed, with our KALA curtain, the room is subdued !

Our 100% cotton bachette curtain will create a soft and pleasant atmosphere by creating a subtle blend of brightness and intimacy in your room.

They will also provide protection from outside eyes, long live peace and quiet !

Thanks to its 8 eyelets and its elegant drape, the KALA curtain is easily installed and has class… with complete simplicity.

Easy, practical, simple… So many advantages !

Rideau KALA en coton uni
KALA, rideaux en coton uni

¤ Under the buttocks

A slightly cold armchair, a slightly damaged chair, or just a desire to be more comfortable on a bench, then we have what you need !

Here are our KALA seats in 100% cotton (the cotton bachette cover and the cotton padding too). Very practical thanks to their 2 attachment loops.

So, we think of our buttocks and we say “Yes” to the comfort and softness of KALA seats !

KALA Assises

¤ Outside (but not only)

Attention DIYers ! Have you also followed the palette trend ?! A garden room ? A bench ? The reuse approach is great : we respect the environment and it’s economical. So that’s great, but there’s still a catch ! Comfort !

This is where our KALA & co collection comes in.

With our “outdoor” collection in cotton bachette, relaxation goes hand in hand with comfort ! This is the minimum, you would tell us.

Floor cushion or even floor mattress, our bachette cotton range is water-repellent. Which means that the clumsy will be able to be more serene when they sip their drink. However, be careful to protect the items from bad weather to keep them longer.

And of course, if it’s good on the outside, it’s good on the inside too !

In short, to all those who want to have an aperitif on the coffee table but who want to be seated comfortably, to those who want to get their peacefulness pill, or even to toddlers who would like to have some quiet time, and do so in a relaxed way, we have what you need !

KALA Matelas de sol
KALA coussin de sol en coton bachette déperlant
KALA matelas de sol en coton bachette

Kala & co, for all tastes

With the KALA collection, bachette cotton is available in 10 colors : from the most classic to the most trendy.

So now, one question remains : will you opt for a total look of your favorite shade to have a sober look or are you the master in the art of mixing colors, in complete balance ?

How do we take care of bachette cotton ?

For upholstered items, it’s easy to see : just use a damp cloth and rub.

For the curtain, you can wash it at 30°C. You can also put it in the dryer, but don’t worry, we don’t want it to shrink !

And you can iron it without any problem.

(If you’re sick of ironing, try cotton gauze, it’s great for that !)

In short, with KALA & co, it’s simplicity above all. Simple, as we like and as we ask for more (and as we order).