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To become partner

Join us for a joyful and eco-responsible collaboration! Become a partner and help create a healthier world.

LEP - Devenir partenaire

Are you driven by a deep desire to align your personal and professional convictions with your daily actions ? Does your vision encompass a significant transformation in consumption patterns, oriented towards a healthier future for us and our planet ? If so, it would be a pleasure to become a partner !

Do you like our products, do you agree with our values ? So, let’s join forces to rewrite, together, the rules of the game. Because the more, the more we beautify the environment.

Partner, that is to say ?

Let’s form a dynamic team, let our ideas fly high like a swarm of butterflies in order to offer household linen combining quality, trend and accessibility. But also and above all, taking into account that it is time to act for our precious planet.

It is crucial to understand that every gesture counts, even the most modest ones.

There are no small gestures when there are 60 million of us doing them.

Ecological slogan

Power is in numbers and collective impact !

So, are you ready to participate in this adventure as a partner ?

Professional partners only

However, we have a small clarification and not the least : before becoming a small 🦋 partner, you must be a professional caterpillar ! #BtoB (Butterfly to Butterfly ? ha ha)

If this is the case, do not hesitate to send us a kind word to for an initial contact or go to our Contact page to fill out the short form directly.

What about the others ?

For the others, the little 🦋 individuals, those in whom everything comes to life, we don’t forget you !

We invite you to come to this page or to our networks.

We look forward to seeing the products that our partners, the 🦋 professionals, will have been able to introduce you to and which, we know, you will have put to good use.

Come on, we’re waiting for you to come and take part in the little butterfly dance. See you soon !


Les petits 🦋 donnent de leur personne ! Forcément, en plus de ses ustensiles de cuisine 🔪, tout bon cuisinier qui se respecte se doit de porter un tablier ! Toutes les filles ont joué le jeu pour vous présenter quelques couleurs de notre tablier chouchou GAÏA ! 🤩 En toute objectivité (bien sûr !), en plus d’être trop canon, il est trop pratique ! Avec ses 2 poches et ses 2 grands liens, il s’adapte à toutes les tailles. En cuisine, pour le service, dans les ateliers… il sera un super compagnon de travail ! Et ce n’est pas Mylène et Noëlle qui diront le contraire, elles le portent tous les jours quand elles préparent les commandes. On peut même danser avec ! 💃🏽 Et en parlant de Noël, J-61 avant l’arrivée de notre barbu préféré 🎅. Et hop ! Une idée 🎁 à glisser sous le 🎄 ! …Oui… nous aussi, on a cette chanson dans la tête maintenant. 🫰🫰 🙏 🤜🤛 #leffetpapillonroanne #journéeinternationaledescuisiniers #GAÏA #gazedecoton #tablier

♬ son original – L’Effet Papillon Roanne