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Welcome to our rPET world, where eco-friendly alternatives are transformed into a range of must-have linens !

Plaids RPET

rPET, decryption of a mysterious acronym

You may be wondering what exactly rPET means. Well, let us enlighten you !

The “r” in rPET is like the little “s” in Superman, it transforms the ordinary into extraordinary !

In reality, rPET stands for “Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate”, or plastic. But be careful, it’s not just ordinary plastic, it’s recycled plastic. We go from waste status to eco-hero status !

Imagine for a moment : used plastic bottles which, after a magical transformation process (and yes, the bottles become glitter !), are transformed into soft and ecological textiles.

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Ultimately, that’s the magic of rPET : waste reduction, reuse, and of course, a touch of style for your home !

The undeniable advantages of rPET

First of all, the 1st quality and by far the most important : the recycling of plastic products, which is better than seeing the bottles incinerated or buried.

But, when it comes to linens, what are rPET’s superpowers ? Here is a non-exhaustive list :

The eco-friendly butterfly effect, or how rPET spreads its wings in our collection

rPET fibers offer incredible versatility, whether inside or outside your home. Wrinkle-free, quick drying, so they’re perfect for home textiles ! But what do we do with it ?

Throws and rugs, of course !


Imagine yourself wrapped up in our rPET blankets, accompanied by your favorite series or during long discussions with friends under the stars. With the GABIN, GASPARD and GABRIEL collections, you have the choice between armchair throws, sofa throws or even bed covers !

GABIN, the plain range with its 4 natural and trendy colors : Camel, Thyme, Pampa and Dark grey.

GABRIEL, the trendy gingham pattern in black and pampas.

GASPARD, the very current houndstooth pattern in black and pampas too.

So, relax and let yourself be enveloped in a cocoon of softness and eco-responsibility !

GABRIEL plaid en rPET
GABIN plaid en RPET
GASPARD plaid en rPET

LÉO carpet, BONO and company

ORLANDO Sable - tapis en rpet

And what about our rPET carpets, named in homage to environmental defenders ? (Will you have the references ?)

5 different patterns, different colors, so there is something for everyone !

So, discover in order, PABLO (SERVIGNE), LÉO (nardo DICAPRIO), ORLANDO (BLOOM), HUGO (CLÉMENT) and BONO (U2).

Walk barefoot on our LÉO, BONO and their friends rugs, and let yourself be transported by their incomparable softness. It’s like walking on a cloud, but better for the planet !

Finally, you can give in, it’s good for the planet !