Accueil Who are we ?

Who are we ?

The mission of the L’effet papillon team is to combine economy and ecology, pleasure and the future.

LEP - Devenir partenaire, devenir un petit papillon

                We are a small – and very recent – responsible household linen company based in Roanne : Actome®, born in 2020. Result of a long experience of more than 10 years in conventional household linen. Where quality gave way to sacrificed prices and where overpackaging reigned supreme…

Our mission

                We took advantage of our past experience to review our copy. And this, by concretely participating in a new, healthier, more responsible mode of consumption, more in line with our personal and professional convictions.

Our engagement

                It was therefore quite natural for us to create the L’effetpapillon® brand. A brand with a strong symbolism: that every small gesture can have large-scale repercussions. Indeed, we are deeply convinced that it is high time to change the way we consume. Obviously, we don’t forget decoration trends and the pleasure of buying beautiful pieces without draining consumers’ budgets 😉.

«It is said that the beating of a butterfly’s wings can cause a typhoon on the other side of the world. »

Evan Treborn, film L’effet papillon, 2004.

Our production

                To make this possible, we call on French, European and beyond partners who are Oeko-Tex certified. We work hand in hand to develop our collections, designed and imagined here in Roanne. In order to minimize our impact on the environment by limiting the use of plastic, we favor sustainable and reusable packaging. The majority of items have simple packaging, in kraft, 100% biodegradable.

Where to find us ?

               Many sales professionals distribute our L’effet papillon® brand. Lovers of quality household linen that is current and within everyone’s reach can therefore browse various physical or online stores. And thus find our flagship collections : Gaïa double cotton gauze, Soline washed linen, Candice cotton flannel, Salomé bamboo satin, Garance organic cotton bath linen and a host of printed, embroidered or dyed woven patterns to complete our offer.

                Looking forward to discovering our collections in your home by tagging us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or TikTok : @leffetpapillonroanne.