Discover GARANCE, a sweet name for organic cotton bath linens that are just as sweet.

After a good shower – because we remember that the planet prefers showers to baths – there is nothing like wrapping yourself in quality bath linen, made from organic cotton ! Softness, absorption, swelling and aesthetics intertwine to achieve excellence. And here it is : Garance.

So, when you can mix the very quintessence of bath linen with organic cotton, you get a magical moment of personal well-being while thinking about the environment !

It might not seem like it, but bath linens have a small role to play in your daily life…

And with GARANCE, it’s guaranteed fun !

Quality or nothing !

GARANCE, and its GOTS certified organic cotton

Logo GOTS coton bio

Cotton is great.

GOTS certified organic cotton is the best of the best !

This is the guarantee of having a quality textile product. But that’s not all, it is also ecological and responsible for people and the environment.

GOTSé organic cotton is really good !

And if you want to know more about that, we invite you to go to their page (on the other hand, you will go after having scoured our site !)

GARANCE and its high weaving density

GARANCE offers an unrivaled sensory experience, combining optimal absorption and exceptional loft, thanks to its 600 gr/m² weave. Our bath linen thus combines optimal absorption and incredible loft.

But that’s not all ! Due to this “heavy” organic cotton weave, our GARANCE collection is enhanced with increased strength and durability… Each piece thus becomes an investment over time, ensuring you have bath linen that withstands the rigors of everyday life.

You will have understood, with GARANCE, it’s great luxury !

Quality bath linen, and… stylish

Beautiful organic cotton loops, it’s beautiful. But when we add a pretty batten, well worked, we obtain our magnificent GARANCE.

GARANCE - Liteau

We therefore challenge you to choose between the 12 colors !

There is something for everyone : more classic or super trendy shades. In total look or by mixing colors (which all go with each other), you are sure to succumb to our organic cotton line !

GARANCE Rose poudré
GARANCE_Linge de bain Emeraude

Here are the 12 colors : in order : Clay, Ice blue, White, Midnight blue, Grey, Anthracite, Khaki, Terracotta, Camel, Pampa, Powder Pink and Emerald green… Which is your favorite ?

The famous washcloths (literally, naughty little one !), the guest towel for the small toilet sink, the unconditional hand towel, the shower sheet for those who dry themselves half the time body or even the bath towel to dry yourself a little more and finally the bath mat so as not to slip when getting out all wet.

So, GARANCE and its organic cotton will definitely find a place in your bathrooms !

Beautiful and organic cotton, we take care of it !

Because it is important to choose good products, but it is also important to take care of them so as not to change them every 4 mornings !

Here is a brief summary of the ideal care for organic cotton bath linen. (We are preparing a recap of all the tips right here) :

So, we advise you to wash your laundry at 40°C but, if it is ever stained, you can do it up to 60°C. Beyond that, it will be at your own risk !

In short, you will have understood : for you, those in a hurry who get dressed while they are still wet, for you the “atopics” with fragile skin who so need softness, for you the chilly ones who count until at 3 before daring to go out… Our collection of organic cotton bath linen will accompany you for a shot of tenderness. So, transform every moment of relaxation into an exceptional moment !

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