Marceau & co

Discover Marceau & co, our 100% natural wool plaids that will sweep you off your feet and into your home!

MARCEAU & CO, plaids en laine naturelle

Whether you imagine yourself on a sofa chilling out in front of a good series or in the middle of a bucolic picnic, there is ONE essential element ! We might think that it is insignificant, we would almost forget it… but yet, if it is not there, all the comfort suffers ! Yes, that’s right, it’s the blanket !

We have some in RPET, but we also have some in wool. Made from 100% natural New Zealand wool itself !

Discover our MARCEAU, MARCEL, MARIUS and MARTIN blankets.

The quality of natural wool

Why natural wool ?

This is a guarantee of quality. The warm and soft blanket is yours : the dream !

Ecology, of course

As you probably know, natural wool comes from shearing sheep. Which therefore makes our team – MA – (NB: Martin, Marcel, Marceau and Marius) 100% biodegradable and recyclable products.

And if you want to know more about sheep shearing and its benefits, particularly for the planet, come take a look here.

Remarkable qualities

Natural wool has two main incredible properties. If you haven’t yet succumbed to its charm, watch out, it will be now :

Quality made in Europe !

As you know, we are trying to reduce our environmental impact.

Of course, we opted for minimalist packaging, namely a 100% recyclable kraft ribbon and tag :

Les plaids et leur packaging minimaliste
Les plaids et leur packaging minimaliste
Les plaids et leur packaging minimaliste
Les plaids et leur packaging minimaliste

But for this natural wool collection, that’s not all ! Indeed, we’re getting closer !

MARCEAU, MARCEL, MARIUS and MARTIN are manufactured in Europe and more particularly in Ukraine. It’s good, no ? European cocorico !

4 designs for all tastes

At L’effet papillon, we love blankets.

So, with our 100% natural wool throws, it’s you who will succumb !

There are 4 variations, something for everyone !

More classic natural wool with two plains :

Martin, tons de gris
Marceau, tons de marron

Patterned natural wool, for more character :

Marius, le tartan beige
Marcel, le basique aux carreaux marrons

SO ? Which one is your favorite ? (Having a hard time choosing ?! We so understand you ! Notice, they all go well with each other. Right ?!)

Les plaids en laine naturelle

Natural wool, we take care of it

It is known and recognized that wool requires gentle washing, by hand or in the machine in a short cycle (30°C MAXIMUM !) so our blankets will be no exception to the rule.

Of course, definitely no tumble dryer, unless you want to have blankets for your children’s dolls. Free air for gentle drying is all it needs and a little gentleness is also good.

Even though natural wool has excellent natural elasticity, which makes it resistant to creases and deformations, you should not leave your throw in a ball. Choose quick folding to preserve the wool fibers.

You will have understood, regarding ironing, iron should be banned ! We forget it, presto, a little less work to do ! Great !

With MARCEL, MARTIN, MARCEAU and MARIUS, make your interior a cozy, warm, natural and quality place. In short, everything we dream of ! Don’t hesitate any longer, go for it !