Accueil Eliott


Admire our Eliott pouffe, made of jute rope, a natural fiber that’s both ecological and elegant !

Does jute mean anything to you ? This natural fiber with a thousand talents weaves a story of authenticity and respect for our environment.

With jute, it’s natural, just the way we like it

With jute, naturalness becomes a celebration. It embodies the raw beauty of nature in a world too often prone to artifice.

With our Eliott pouf, this fiber reveals its sustainable nature and its essential role in preserving our planet.

Whether in decoration, packaging or accessories, jute highlights the crucial importance of choosing sustainable materials while preserving the simple beauty of our world.

At LEP, we have understood the essence of jute : simplicity. That’s why we’ve chosen Eliott to give you the opportunity to adopt a natural, eco-friendly style.

Eliott, cordage en jute

Indian craftsmanship : the magic of ancestral know-how

Each jute rope, woven by hand, becomes a declaration of love to nature. Each braid highlights the authenticity and exceptional beauty of Indian know-how.

Eliott invites you to immerse yourself in the richness of Indian craftsmanship, a true cultural exploration.

Eliott, a pouf that adapts to your desires

Our jute pouf adapts to all situations. Whether you want to relax by resting your butt or feet on it, have a coffee on a casual coffee table, or add a touch of elegance as a bedside table or end table, Eliott will be the dream partner thanks to its ideal height which makes it a perfect addition to your interior.

Eliott, notre pouf en jute à l'extérieur

And if not, why not consider installing it outside ? Just be sure to protect it from the elements to preserve its natural fiber for longer.

Eliott goes very well with our Kala, for example.

In short, indoors or outdoors, the jute pouf is the essential choice for adding a natural and cozy touch to your space.

It fits harmoniously into any decor, adding an exotic and warm note to your home.

Light but strong

It has another considerable advantage : its weight !

Indeed, under the jute, a polystyrene disc is revealed. This gives Eliott a surprising lightness while guaranteeing total robustness (and yes, because it is resistant to compression and humidity).

Thus, our jute pouf will not move an inch and will always return to its initial shape.

Eliott is really too big.

Eliott, the jute pouf that is not just a pouf

With Eliott, don’t settle for a simple pouf ; adopt a truly unique piece that will add character to your home. Our jute rope pouf is a subtle blend between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style, between cozy and elegance, between natural and practical.

As you know, at LEP, every detail counts, so with our jute pouf, it is a point of honor in the decoration, an invitation to explore.

Transform your living space with Eliott ! Give your home a special dimension that tells a story of authenticity and respect for our environment, while showcasing the versatility and beauty of jute.

Adopt a natural style, adopt Eliott.

Eliott, notre pouf en jute
Eliott, notre pouf en jute