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Plain, printed or embroidered, our coordinated collections in pure 57-thread cotton are sure to find a place in your home.

coton 57 fils

A safe and informed choice

57 thread count cotton bed linen is a popular choice and appreciated for its comfortable and breathable properties. It offers an ideal combination of softness and durability, with excellent value for money. The number of threads per square centimeter, often called “thread count”, is an indicator of the density of the weave in bed linen. The higher the thread count, the lighter and softer the fabric will be to the touch. A looser weave will result in your sheets holding less well : They will be looser and will deform with use.

Linge de lit JEANNE – photo d’ambiance – coton 57 fils/cm2
Linge de lit AMBRE – photo d’ambiance – coton 57 fils/cm2
Linge de lit AGATHE – photo d’ambiance – coton 57 fils/cm2

THE easy-to-wear laundry !

Cotton 57 threads/cm2 is a bit like the 1st in class, the darling ! The one who doesn’t make waves and who adapts with disconcerting ease to all situations. Not only does everything suit him, but he succeeds in everything. It’s almost annoying, isn’t it ?

This is why, if washing at 30°C or 40°C is more than sufficient, it happily accepts a temperature of 60°C. And if you like beds dressed to the nines… May your professional deformation push you to make your bed square again and again (former soldiers will recognize each other !)… Iron the cotton 57 threads/cm2 at medium temperature for a result flawless. But really no pressure, we fold it well when it’s dry and that suits us !

Want to tumble dry it ? Do it ! On the contrary, do you prefer to hang the clothes line outside because it’s just as quick and better for the planet ? Cheer up ! Is old Tancarville proudly enthroned in the living room your friend for life ? Don’t hurt him !

Dare to embroider !

We developed it – just for you ! – two collections with timeless, chic and refined details. Indeed, with Agathe and Jeanne, we dare to be imaginative while playing it safe. Its tight weave offers us the quality and resistance that we expect from it. So, we stay in our comfort zone while doing a few little splurges… and what splurges !

               English charm is represented by Jeanne with her numerous, yet delicate, openwork flowers and her few religious folds. English embroidery, an emotional pattern par excellence, has been with us since the 16th century. Moreover, it still makes us – and will make us – fall in love, generation after generation. This naive purity and romantic refinement make us want to perpetuate the tradition of the trousseau. You know, the one that we pass on like a precious heritage, testimony to our history.

French elegance is represented by Agathe with her religious pleats and her rose gold embroidered weights. A sort of allegory of “the little black dress” transposed to the bedroom. More precisely, this collection is a classic, timeless, which is characterized by a subtle balance between simplicity and sophistication. Ultimately, it is suitable for all occasions, confidently crossing time and changing fashion trends.

                Could there be more timeless and durable finishes ?

Cotton 57 threads/cm2 is renewed according to fashions and patterns

Let yourself be surprised by the endless possibilities of 57 threads/cm2 printed cotton : from vintage floral patterns to ethnic patterns, including patterns inspired by nature. Therefore, there is something for all tastes and all ages. Whether you are a fan of the large placed pattern or fervent defenders of the all-over pattern, charmed by the worked finishes or reassured by the sobriety, the 57 threads/cm2 cotton necessarily meets your needs and other desires.

Printed bed or duvet set will accompany you throughout your life journey. From 3 to 103 years old and beyond ! You can then change your mood like a shirt sheet, the 57 threads/cm2 cotton accompanies you in your search for well-being. Your personality and creativity are expressed through your bed linen, creating a unique and inspiring ambiance.

Plain or nothing !

Finding plain bed linen that perfectly matches your bedding set can be a real challenge. We suspect it ! In fact, there are so many shades of color that you’ll likely never find the perfect match. This is why – how fussy we are and how keen we are to satisfy you ! – we thought of the plain fitted sheet. It matches our plethora of prints and other embroideries, and always in cotton 57 threads/cm2. Because you don’t change a winning team !

Thus, the AMBRE collection allows you to match your fitted sheet with the other elements of your bed linen. And this even applies to the little ones (you may not yet know how to read, but hello kids) !

Cotton 57 threads/cm2, the must-have in our wardrobe

Ultimately, you are looking for bed linen that is easy to wash and dry, without having to worry about why or how to maintain it, and thus save precious time. Let your priority be rather focused on the budget that you want and/or can allocate to your bed linen by favoring standard and affordable quality. Cotton 57 threads/cm2 is THE ideal solution for treating yourself and equipping yourself without breaking the bank and without neglecting quality. In fact, it turns out to be a wise choice for optimal durability at a very reasonable price, the dream combination that respects your wallet and our planet !

If I had to choose just one, it would be this one !