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Astrid’s little tips : Caring for cotton gauze

Take care of my favorite fabric : we take care of cotton gauze here ! Pamper it to make it last !

Serviettes GAÏA

You little cotton gauze freaks !!! I understand you so much ! We’re on the same team !

It’s simple : since gauze came into my life, there’s no room for anything else. At home, we sleep in gauze, we wipe our boca in gauze, we wipe our dishes in gauze, we chill in front of the TV in gauze, in short. Cotton gauze is everywhere in the house. And everyone’s convinced : my eldest was reluctant to go on a school trip because there’d be no cotton gauze ! But who can blame her ? (I assure you, she did go… with her GAÏA pillowcase and fitted sheet, of course).

Suzie sur la gaze de coton CAMÉLIA

(Everyone is convinced, I tell you, even Suzie !)

I am trying to address you, those who have never taken the cotton gauze step, you are still in your “classic” cotton sheets and trying cotton gauze is not a priority !

ERROR !!! BIG MISTAKE !!! And I’ll try to convince you.

But why do we love this cotton gauze so much ?

As we told you on our GAÏA & Co page, this collection is L’effet papillon’s flagship range. Its first flutter of wings. 🦋 It’s thanks to its distinctive, airy weave that this linen is such a joy to use. And to sleep in.

But sometimes, use is great, but then… care is a different kettle of fish ! And as a result, it’s prohibitive. But not cotton gauze ! It’s the easiest !

Caring for cotton gauze, fingers in the nose


First things first, folks : when you buy clothes or linens, you wash them BEFORE you use them, no matter where they come from. Maybe we’ll do a post on it, but you should know that, between dyeing, priming to make your linen soft, transport, cardboard boxes, storage… In short, you’ve got it : it’s better to wash it all beforehand !


Basically, we advise you to wash our cotton gauze at MAXIMUM 40°C. With the exception of stuffed items such as quilts and pillows, that’s 30°C only.

After that, it’s up to you to wash at the temperature of your choice.

But don’t forget the planet : it’s better not to wash too hot, as it uses less energy. Le Parisien did a great article on this, so check it out ! But please finish the article first.


A very important point, and perhaps the only downside to cotton gauze care : spinning. It’s a well-known fact that spinning too hard damages fabric fibers by sending the laundry too hard into the drum, so take it easy : max 800 rpm.


It’s been said over and over again : there’s nothing like the great outdoors to dry your laundry.

But for those in a hurry, or who don’t have large drying racks, the tumble dryer is of course an option. Moderately, of course, but possible.


Repassiophiles beware ! Don’t touch the cotton gauze, or you’ll lose the embossing you love so much !

So keep the iron away, and that’s cool too.

Professional cleaning

No dry-cleaning, no headaches.

In short, cotton gauze is the bomb !

Go for it, because to try it is to adopt it.

Ah yes : the article in Le Parisien on machine washing and ecology !